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How to Install 2014 - 2022 Infiniti Q50 Trunk Lift SupportsUpdated 8 months ago

After you remove the struts, you need to remove the two black plastic "wrap-around" spacers from the back of the trunk hinges. With one hand, lower the trunk lid a few inches (don't let go), and with the other hand, remove the spacer (one side at a time...comes right off with your thumbnail), then push the lid back up. Connect the bottom of the strut first, then use one hand to push the trunk open while using the other hand to pull the top of the strut into place. It takes a little opening pressure to line them up, but they will go on without compressing the strut. Remember to put the plastic tabs back in!

Applicable for: PM3674, PM3740, Strong Arm 6802

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