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Lift Supports Depot®Updated 2 years ago

Lift Supports Depot® supports undergo a vigorous QC process to help ensure dependability. Lift supports internal components get assembled and mechanically tested to ensure internal parts are not installed incorrectly or missing. OE quality seals are incorporated to prevent low friction losses and oil seepage. Airline hydraulic oil helps to avoid crystallization and blockage during cold weather.

The supports are pressure-filled and tested one by one for forces to be within accepted tolerances. Pressurized lift supports go through a pre-paint phosphate treating process, which helps the paint adhere properly to the body of the lift support and gives a long paint life.

Most importantly, an automated paint cabin is used for painting and curing in one place. Our lift supports never have premature rusting at the extremities due to the capillary effect of paint in bent areas.

After painting and curing, lift supports are tested again for pressure and printed with final product information and lot numbers for traceability.

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