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StabilusUpdated 2 years ago

In that we have 98% of the OE business in the US and 90% of the OE business in Europe, you can depend on the products from Stabilus are 100% to an OEM quality standard:

  • Stabilus invented the Gas Lift Support in 1952 and the Powerise lift support in 2002
  • Stabilus designs and produces 100% of its product range
  • Stabilus is the only supplier in the industry that you receive an OEM standard product across the product range
  • In the case of lift supports, the OEM standard is the best quality standard in the industry today
  • The OEM standard conforms to ISO 9001, ISO 14,001 (Environmental Standard), TS16949 which is the reporting requirement for OEM which verifies you are producing product ISO 9001 and ISO 14,001 standard.
  • With retail prices of lift supports increasing, especially with the Powerise (Retail at $300 and up) Stabilus is the only company in the world to offer you OEM quality standards across the range so that you can depend on the fact that you will install the product and it will perform to the OEM standard everytime.
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