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1965 Nova Hood Support

Using a bit of ingenuity Scott was able to add a set of supports to his 1965 Nova Hood.

3' High x 4' Wide with 90 Degree Lift

Mount supports on the frame itself as close to the back wall as possible. Then mount your supports on the lid as close to the position that you prefer the lid to open to however the closer to the center the better.

Bracket To Ball Stud Conversions

Occasionally you may not be able to get OEM replacements, but you can modify a ball stud and bracket to work.

CSPS tool box purchased at Costco

It’s always frustrating when you reach for a tool, and the lid to your toolbox won’t open easily or stay open properly. If you purchased a CSPS tool box from Costco and need to replace or upgrade the lift supports, we have the best replacement parts

Food Truck Concession Window

Please visit our Food Truck Blog by clicking here.

Panel Window Mock-Up

Tear Drop Trailer

Below are a few images of a TearDrop Trailer we assisted in finding the correct supports for. With this application SE244p120.