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My EZ-Down keeps getting stuck on the cable when I try to close the tailgate.Updated 2 years ago

Tailgate Cable
If the directions below are not followed the tailgate cable will bind and get tangled with your new EZ-Down.


The tailgate cable will at first require a little guidance to tuck into the rounded direction that it needs to go so that it stays away from the EZ-down itself.  After you have installed the EZ-down, close the tailgate slowly to make sure that the cable is bending towards the body of the truck in a rounded direction away from the EZ-Down and tailgate.  You will most likely need to guide it and should do this a few times.

Another way to set this a little faster is to tweak the cable, simply meaning that you manually pinch it by hand at the bend point so that it remembers the final position.

This helps create a memory into the cable so that it eventually goes into the direction on its own.

Some additional notes:

Only 1 EZ-Down should be installed on a vehicle on the driver's side of the tailgate.

When installing some of the models the part that goes on the tailgate itself may say to turn the bolt a few times to lock in the anchor.  If when you do this the ball stud does not seem to be long enough with threads you may need to turn reuse the anchor bolt adjuster and turn it 2 more turns.

Please feel free to let us know of your experiences and any suggestions you may wish to share.


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